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There’s a high demand of people looking for puppies & dogs to add to their family. We believe that every puppy/ dog deserves a forever home and every adopter deserves to find their dream puppy. 



So why advertise your puppies with us? 



1. Gain more exposure for your puppies. 


2. Potentially increase the likelihood of your puppy being adopted. 


3. Meet with real adopters that are in the market for a puppy and have already submitted their application. 


4. Become a part of the YDP family and stay connected with your adopters. 

Our Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Your Dream Puppy.  Please read everything thoroughly and carefully.

All prospective shelters, breeders and individuals must comply with our approval process.  All requested information must be included or your approval will be denied. This includes full name (first and last name), phone number and full mailing address (No PO Box).

Our approval process can take up to 24 hours. Once you are approved your ad will be submitted. We will not accept pictures or information before the approval process is finished. We reserve the right to deny your advertising privileges if we feel our quality guidelines are not met. You will be required to fill out information about the puppy like breed, DOB, rehoming fee etc. You will also need to submit a picture of your puppy and video footage of your puppy / litter. If you have any questions please contact our office. 





Pricing is a set rate of $19.99 and includes advertising on our site up to 15 days. 




ATTENTION: You don't have to be a local resident to post an ad!

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