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Choosing the right Dog for Apartment living 



Not all dogs are cut out for apartment life. There are several factors to consider when looking for a dog for your apartment. Some dogs need lots of room to run around. Just because a dog is small, does not mean it’s a better fit for a smaller living space or will be quiet. Dogs that are strong barkers can be a challenge in apartments due to the close proximity of neighbors. You don’t want to receive noise complaints, and sometimes even fines. Keeping this into account, perhaps choosing a quieter breed would be a better option. a dog’s temperament is something to keep in mind. Your dog will be in situations where your furry friend will be in the same hallway or elevator as strangers.  Having a yard is not a luxury most people who live in apartments have, so finding a dog that is low-energy might be ideal for someone living in a smaller space. potty training your dog is critical for apartment living.

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