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How To Find Your Dream Puppy

We are thrilled to join you on your journey to finding the perfect pup! It’s our mission to connect people with puppies, and to help breeders find their puppies forever homes. If you’ve found us, then you’re ready to take the plunge and we would love to guide you. The first thing you should do when buying a puppy is do some research on the different breeds to figure out the right fit for you. Taking your habits and lifestyle into consideration will help ensure that you and your puppy will be a great match. Once you’ve determined the best breed for you, it’s time for the fun part: picking out a puppy! Browse through our listings of available puppies. When you see a puppy that you just can’t live without submit your application. All applications are good for 1 year. Then contact the owner to schedule an appointment. The puppies location are provided with their images. If you would like a particular puppy, but don’t feel like driving we have delivery options available. Please note that the law requires puppies to be at least 8 weeks old before they’re eligible for adoption. Congratulations you’re now on your way to becoming a new puppy owner! Now let's prepare for your new puppy.

Our process 


1. Step 1, submit your application. There's no other requirements

Your application will be good for 1 year.


2. Call our office if you have any questions regarding the status of your application or contact the owner directly to schedule your appointment. Please use the passcode emailed to you, to access the owner's contact information.

3. If you don’t see the puppy you're looking for, please subscribe to be notified when new puppies get listed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do YDP breed or own any of the parents to the puppies we help place? No.

2. Are all of our puppies rescue puppies?  All of the puppies are not rescue puppies. We provide a service to families who need help placing their puppies. We do not determine their pricing.  

3. Do we have foster the puppies we place?  No The puppies on our website stay with their original family that’s using our service.

4. Where do the puppies come from?  All over There's no specific location.

5. Are we a puppy mill?  Absolutely not, these puppies from families with 1 or 2 dogs.

6. Are the puppies socialize? We know that socializing is important. We require each family that’s using our service to socialize their puppies by having them around children and other dogs.

7. Are the puppies good with children? All puppies before being placed will have plenty of interactions with children but will still need proper and additional training.

8. Will  your puppy you adopt be healthy?  YDP requires All the puppies being advertised to be vet checked and must pass a health examine.

9. Are all of the puppies kept at the same location?  No we provide a service that helps people place their puppies. Each litter of puppies being advised is done so by different people that’s using our service. All the puppies stay with their original family. 

10. Will our puppies come potty trained?  No, each puppy will have some crate training or puppy pad training. Additional training will definitely be needed.

11. Do we only help place puppies?  No, our service help place dogs and puppies.

12. Do we have payment plans. No we do not offer payment plans as payment for your puppy must be done with the owner of the puppy.

13. Will the dog or puppies come spayed or neutered? Some older dogs being advertised might be spayed or neutered. To be sure please check with the owner of the dogs or puppies.

14. Will my puppy need more vaccinations?    Yes, while all puppies come up to date with their vaccinations prior to being adopted. Your puppy will still need additional vaccinations as your puppy gets older. Your vet should provide you with a vaccination schedule at you your puppy 1st veterinarian visit. 

15. Can anyone advertise their dogs/ puppies on our website? Yes if you need help placing your dogs or puppies into forever homes please hit the list a puppy tab 

16. Do we offer delivery service? Yes, if the puppy you’re interested in has a double logo that means that puppy can use our delivery service. you will still need to pay the fee for delivery. You can find out more on our delivery fee page.  (

17. How do I get the owner of the puppies information to contact them. Please submit your application. A passcode will be emailed to you to access the owner information page.

18. What the difference between the services we provide?   We provide 2 different types of services. If you are trying to adopt a puppy with the logo from an YDP associate, you must submit your application form and obtain your password. Contact the owner of those puppies directly to schedule an appointment at their location. If you see both logos on an image that means that puppy can use our delivery service. You will still need to pay for those services.

Do we accept payments for YDP associates? No all payments must be done with the owner of the puppy directly.

What services do we provide?
List a puppy
Boarding ( on selected puppies only)
Puppy Delivery ( on selected puppies only)
Join our breeders list
Connect with a breeder

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