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1. Does YDP breed or own any of the parents to the puppies we place?


2. Are all of our puppies rescue puppies? 

All of the puppies are not rescue puppies. We provide a service to families who would like us to place their puppies. We do not determine their pricing. Each litter is a totally different situation. If you looking to see and meet the parents, talk to the family the puppies originally came from then your best option as a consumer is to connect with a breeder or get your puppy from a YDP associate. The reason we are showing the puppies for the families is because they have busy family lifestyle or would rather not deal with the adoption process. 


3. 3. Do we have foster the puppies we place?


The puppies on our website stay with their original family that’s using our service until they get adopted. 

4. Where do the puppies come from? 

All over New York State. There's no specific location.

5. Are we a puppy mill? 

Absolutely not, we get our puppies from families with 1 or 2 dogs.

6. How many puppies can be viewed per appointment.

We like to keep each appointment to a 3 puppy maximum. Please try to narrow down your decision before making your appointment.

7. How do we socialize our puppies?

We know that socializing is important. We require each family that’s using our service to socialize their puppies by having them around children and other dogs.

8. Are our puppies good with children?

All puppies before being placed will have plenty of interactions with children but will still need proper and additional training.

9. Can I just stop by to play with the puppies?

Unfortunately No, our volunteers and delivery drivers work very hard with the families that's using our service to adopt out their puppies. We like to limit the appointments to families that's ready to adopt.

10. Will  your puppy you adopt be healthy? 

YDP stands behind the quality of all of our puppies. We try our best to make sure your puppy is healthy and will make a smooth transition. All of our puppies are vet checked and must pass a health examine. Any minor issues with a puppy will be noted on your vet check paperwork and will be conveyed to you before placing the puppy. If a puppy has a reducible hernia that will be noted by the vet on the paperwork and will close as the puppy grows. A reducible hernia does not require surgery. No discount will be given for a puppy with a reducible hernia. If a puppy has a non reducible hernia that may require surgery in the future, usually doing spay and neuter time. A small discount will be given for a non reducible hernia. 

11. Are all of our puppies kept at the same location? 

No we provide a service that helps people place their puppies. Each litter of puppies being advised is done so by different people that’s using our service. All the puppies stay with their original family until being adopted. 

12. Will our puppies come potty trained? 

No, each puppy will have some crate training and puppy pad training before being placed. Additional training will definitely be needed.

13. Do we only place puppies? 

No, our service help place dogs and puppies.

14. What's included with each puppy?

Each puppy will be vet examined, have up to date vaccinations, and deworming, be microchipped and flea treated. More additional treatments may be needed. They will also come with a sample jar of food.

15. What food do we provide with the puppies?

Each puppy will leave with a sample of Wholesome puppy food. Click here to order your food. 

16. Do we have payment plans.

No we do not offer it at this time.

17. Can a puppy be held with our service?

 puppies will be held for 3 days after your deposit & reserve form is submitted. Anytime after 3 days will require a $25 a day boarding fee.

18. Do our dog come spayed or neutered? Do we cover the cost of spay and neutering?

No, the puppies we help place are to young to be spayed or neutered, nor do we cover the cost to get your puppy spayed or neutered.

19. Will my puppy need more vaccinations? 


Yes, while all puppies come up to date with their vaccinations prior to being adopted. Your puppy will still need additional vaccinations as your puppy gets older. Your vet should provide you with a vaccination schedule at you your puppy 1st veterinarian visit. 

20. Will my puppy microchip come already registered?


No! Every puppy being placed through our company will be microchipped . It is your responsibility as of the new adopter to decide whether or not you want to registerer the microchip. 

21. Can anyone advertise their dogs/ puppies on our website?

Yes if you need help placing your dogs or puppies into forever homes please hit the list a puppy tab on our website. Please be advised that we require certain information to be included in your post. To view our requirements please click on the why advertise with us page. 

22. Do we offer delivery service?

Yes, if you don’t drive or don’t feel like driving we do offer delivery. You can find out more on our delivery fee page. 

23. Will I have to submit more then one application?

No you will not need to submit another application if your application hasn’t expired. If your application is more than a year old, then another application is required. Please contact our office if you have any questions about your application.

What the difference between the services we provide? 




We provide 3 different types of services.



If you are trying to adopt a puppy with our your dream puppy logo please Call our office to schedule your appointment. ( only 3 puppies allowed per scheduled appointment.) All appointments will be scheduled for that puppy ready to go date. If your application is already submitted, you can reserve a puppy online.





If you are trying to adopt a puppy with this logo from an YDP associate, you must submit your form and obtain your password then contact the owner of those puppies directly to schedule an appointment at their location.  

If you see both logos on an image that means you can only reserve the puppy through our website. You will then meet with one of our delivery drivers at our pickup location, to pick up your puppy. If your puppy has a ready to go date, then all pickups are done on that particular puppy ready to go date. If you need the puppy delivered to your home, you must fill out the delivery form and submit your delivery fee. Our delivery drivers have to travel further distances to pick up these particular puppies with the double logo. We're only willing to send our drivers out if the puppy has a guaranteed home. Location for pick up will be close to LeRoy, NY. Thank you for your understanding.

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